Thursday, 24 June 2010

Perfecting the art of relaxation

Someone here knows just how to do it. I wish I could join him actually.  This afternoon I found myself asleep at the computer!!! I know - what am I like!  Only for a few minutes of course but enough to make me realise that I had actually missed the last few minutes well and good.  I guess this might be because I had a wakeful night, the night before last.  Must try to get to bed early tonight!  But there is much to be thankful for here in the tea and toast household.  Last week at this time we (daughter no. 2 and I) were here:

where lovely daughter no.2 was having another operation on her poor foot.  We now have three weeks of bandage (no looking or changing dressing!!) until the stitches come out which means three weeks of hobbling about on crutches and not going very far.  So we are enjoying our time together, eating lunch in the garden and pondering what delights we might conjure up for supper.  And in between times I am up on the computer doing some work (and snoozing by all accounts!), and on the telephone etc etc.  But in the evening there are creative endeavours going on - daughter no. 2 is knitting a blanket for a friend's baby and I have just finished (absolutely amazing after a number of years - yes, years I tell you!) my 12 inch patchwork squares for the joint quilt I am making with my Canadian friend.  More on that another time, complete with photos.  In the meantime I leave you with a shot to the right of the entrance to the hospital which is just by the Thames and looks out on to the House of Parliament.  The ward she was on had this very view!

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driftwood said...

I hope the recovering goes well, take care, and get yourself some rest too xxx

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