Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Checking in....

Just popping in to say hello and to update on other crafty endeavours of late.  Yes, I have been travelling to different places with my work/voluntary activities and busy on the home front as daughter no. 2 is still recovering and will, in fact, have to have more surgery so we learnt yesterday!

But I do enjoy having the chance to sit in a chair or sofa and crochet or knit or sew or embroider.  Of late it has just been crochet as I have been finishing off another prayer shawl, this one is for my 84 year old mother in law.  The yarn is again James C Brett chunky yarn which I bought from PurpleLindaCrafts and comes up sooooooo soft.  In fact you might even think it was something more expensive!  I used a large hook for this one - size 8 and it came up quite quickly.  Here is a close up photo:

And here you can see three rows of edging done in a different stitch.  I really love doing these and thinking about the one I am going to give to while I am quietly crocheting.

Then there was the one which I finished just a few weeks ago now for a friend who has cancer:

This one was knitted (in the same type of yarn) in her favourite colour.  She has lost a lot of weight recently and has been feeling chilly in this rather unseasonal weather we have had so hopefully it will come in useful.  That's it for now but hopefully some more tomorrow!