Thursday, 30 October 2008

Too, too busy!

I know I shouldn't complain at all!  And being freelance means you have to take the work as it comes as you are never quite sure when or where the next lot will come, but it has meant that I have been unable to update my blog or post some fun posts which came into my mind as I was busy travelling or writing up a report.  But here we are - and now can I think of any of those posts?!!! Part of this absence has been to do with the computer situation as I am not yet used to my new macbook and iphoto, not to mention the fact that in migrating my data the photos are all over the place!!!  However there is much to be thankful for as ever and here I am, having finished a report I have been putting off for ages now - yippee!  It is still in first draft stage but at least there is some structure to it and I can now play with the words as necessary.
Has it been cold where you are?  We have had heavy frosts this week and it snowed in east London so daughter no. 4 told me!  It is time for hot meals and cosy evenings.  Tonight we have a chorizo and mixed bean stew served with oven roasted potatoes, sprouts and broccoli, followed by some homemade banana and cinnamon loaf.
I'm really hoping to do some crafty projects this weekend and begin to get ready for some Christmas gifts I hope to make - I will be sure to take some photos.  We have decided as a family to do the 'secret santa' idea for this year so we will all pick a family member's name out of a basket and just buy one present for that person.  It will make for a simpler Christmas which I am all for.  Have you seen the shops recently?!!  It is crazy out there already and so much choice it is enough to give you a headache before you even start!  Or am I the only one opting for a simple Christmas this year? I suspect not.  I'll be back soon.

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driftwood said...

your dinner sounds delicious, can I come for some!
love the family secret santa idea, I'm so wishing for a simpler christmas.