Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bleak Monday!

Yesterday was a very bad day as my trusty computer of 5 years suddenly died!  Now you will know that I was aware it was suffering but ironically I had made the decision to transfer all my date to my new computer next weekend!  The reason being that last weekend we were moving daughter no.4 to her new room at Uni.  So I am now very bereft!  All my work emails were stored on outlook which is now inaccessible.  I did back up all the other data a few weeks ago so have transferred that to my new computer late last night.  I have someone coming round later today to see if we can access and retrieve all that is lost - I sure do hope so.  
So if your computer is on its last legs, is making funny noises, or is very slow - be afraid, be very afraid and back up now before all is lost!!!  I'll keep you posted.
On a happier note, take a look at these lovely chillies which are the last of my batch from the garden:


Tracy said...

Oh, no...oh, how I feel your pain!! Such times we realize how dependant we are on our electronics--how much of our every day is spent on a computer, mobile phone or using a digital camera. As you know, our digital camera is on its last leg...so I feel my arm has been cut off--LOL!tThanks for the words of cheer at my place. Hope very much you get your computer situation resolved...and back online and in swing as usual! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

driftwood said...

oh what a nightmare! my laptop is both noisy, and slow, I have all my photos backed up I think - except for the recent Scotland trip --eeek, must do it now!
hope you manage to retreive your emails, and that a new shiny faster computer comes your way soon!