Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Oh, I have had to be patient this week!  It's been all about the computer and getting my data back.  The poor guy who has been helping me has been round nearly every evening trying to sort things out but I am very much hoping we are getting there.  Today has been very stressful - central heating playing up i.e. not working ; overflow pouring outside; couldn't send out work emails; printer playing up; you've got the picture!  But on to happier things and to show you what I did to counteract the stresses of last week:

Finished the squares which will make up the friendship bags that we are doing at a knitting club I am very loosely involved with (I've only been once!).  Then there are these patchwork blocks which will either be made up into cushions or maybe little bags!

And here's my first attempt at needle felting:

This is a little kit from woolpets which I bought from Blooming Felt.  But as this post has taken me nearly 45 minutes to produce (don't you just love computers!!!!) I think that will be all for now!

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driftwood said...

oh, I do hope everything gets sorted out soon, sounds very stressful! love the felty creation!