Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Some of the work I am doing as consultancy just now requires me to travel to far away places! On Friday last I was in Southampton and just yesterday I was in St. Andrews, Scotland. Taking the train on Monday morning from Kings X, it was a lovely journey and once we got to Berwick upon Tweed, we travelled right by the coast with wonderful scenery. When I arrived at St. Andrews the sun was shining and it was warm so I quickly dumped my bags at my B & B and took off for a stroll down by the harbour.

and back up through the ruins of the cathedral

Later on in the evening I went in the opposite direction to East Sands and, never one to miss an opportunity to get right down by the water, I walked across the long stretch of sand watching oyster catchers and seagulls.

It was just beautiful! I was there for a meeting which took place the next day. So after the most delicious breakfast of home cooked scottish porridge followed by smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (I did consider taking a photo of the food but thought it would look a little strange - can you tell a blogger by the fact that the camera comes out in the most unlikely places!?) I took the opportunity to visit Di Gilpin's cosy wool emporium which was featured in Country Living last February (so the lady in the shop told me!). I resisted all temptations to buy the most gorgeously soft and colourful wool imaginable and just left with her card!!

Then it was time to come home, this time via Edinburgh and to the airport for a very late flight
but there was still time for some last-minute photos through the windows!

I really fell in love with St. Andrews. I could see myself living there, opening a fabric/needlework shop (they don't have one at all!) and enjoying those long walks along the coast in the evening! Ahhhhh - it's fun to pipe dream!


driftwood said...

looks fantastic - but what a long way to go!

Shirl said...

Really beautiful, lucky you!