Sunday, 20 July 2008

An Invitation!

Here is a little something I have been keeping quiet about! A chance to go to Buckingham Palace for a Garden Party where the Queen will be in attendance. This has all come about because I will be representing an organisation that I am a trustee of, so it is not really a personal invitation even though the card might suggest it! So the dilemma has been what to wear! Day dress with hat is the requirement! I do not possess any hats other than those used during the winter months - not suitable for this occasion in any way shape or form! So on Friday (yes, I have been looking before this but not that intently, apart from an afternoon with daughter no.4 where everything seemed to be 'NO, mum!") I set out to find a 'fascinator' - now until last Saturday I had never come across this word but I gather it means something decorative to put in the hair and I thought this might be a rather good subsitute for a hat. It wasn't an easy search I have to say but I did find something so tonight I shall be trying on my outfit and getting the opinions of those living in the house currently i.e. daughters 1 and 4 and hubby! It pretty much has to fit the bill as we go on Tuesday!! It is so much easier for the men isn't it? Just get the suit dry-cleaned and you are all done and dusted! I'll let you know how it all goes. I gather that it is really a question of comfortable shoes as it is standing up for at least two hours and there will be no photos allowed but it will be a fun experience nonetheless.

On another note, next week is a crazy week altogether with travel all around the country from Cardiff to Cheltenham and on to Birkenhead (although I am really hoping this one is cancelled) so as I know there won't be time for much else I have had a little baking fest this weekend.

First it was Raspberry Clafoutis

This was a recipe from Posie Gets Cozy although Alicia made it with cherries and then with blueberries. It was quite yummy but I would probably alter the milk and egg ratio a bit next time.I also had a go a new bread recipe with soya flour and linseeds for the breadmaker:

Now this is very nice indeed. We had it with tea and toast and apricot jam this evening. I also made some chewy peanut butter cookies from a recipe at Baking and Books. Sorry, no photo of these but you can find lots of great recipes on this blog. And to finish with a photo of some little 'makes' for a friend across the Atlantic.

I really struggled to get a good heart shape even though I worked from a paper template. Any tips for making a successful heart-shaped sachet? Have a good week.


driftwood said...

oooh hope you have a wonderful time! We went to a reception at Clarence House once where Charles and Camilla were present, it was rather surreal...

as for the heart shape, I struggle with them too, my only advice is to clip into the corners as much possible.

Tracy said...

Hi, I just found your very lovely blog via Driftwood...what a beautiful place you have here! And what a thrill & honor about your Garden Party at B. Palace! Did you actually get to speak to the Queen? I've been wanting to try a berry Clafoutis...We have plums soon, so maybe I'll try with plums! Happy Summer Days :o)