Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Little Luxury!

Well, try as I might to get a photo to display which showed the inside of one of the Hilton Hotel bedrooms, it is not happening! Suffice to say I did have the opportunity to stay at the Hilton Hotel for one night on Friday while on a semi-business/voluntary couple of days. Now you would have to know that I have not often stayed in such places throughout my life and when I do now I really enjoy the experience: the La Souce products by Crabtree and Evelyn which are always provided; crisp, clean white sheets and soft light duvet; huge bed; more lights than I can count;a very clean and easy to use bathroom complete with bathrobe and so on. Of course I wasn't in the room for very long as after I checked in, there was just time to change before it was dinner which went on until 10.45pm or so and it was up next morning at 6.30am in time for breakfast at 7.30am but it was still a luxurious experience!

Today has been much more back to reality with cleaning my own bathroom, kitchen etc and tackling the ironing - just 9 shirts today as daughter no.1 helped me by doing others! However I did have something rather nice to spur me on - a new ironing board courtesy of the sale at Cath Kidston!

And hopefully there should be a new tablecloth wending its way to me through the post too!

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