Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Wonderful Colours of Autumn

Well, the day job took me away for a few days somewhere north of the midlands and it was a very busy few days so I came back exhausted.

Now how is it that the mind races so far ahead of everything else it seems. I have had so many thoughts of what to write in my blog but just haven't got round to entering it. And it seems the whole downloading of pictures takes a bit of time. i wonder if there is a quick way that I am missing out on. If anyone has any ideas please do let me know.

So Autumn has arrived. The leaves are falling all over the place and although the temperatures are pretty mild for this time of year, it certainly feels as though summer is over.

Sunday we took a stroll at a lovely garden and I took these pictures. We sat and looked across at the fields and a lake beyond - just ideal, and I only had a cardi and jeans on, no coat.
Don't you just love the blue of these hydrangeas?
Then it was home for tea and toast!! before I had to move a lot of stuff out of the kitchen in preparation for the boiler man to come and fit a new boiler!!! Ugh!
Once all of that was done it was time for my weekly fix of West Wing and then get ready for the week ahead.

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