Wednesday, 8 September 2010

30 years ago today!

These two little pumpkins were born!!  Here they are about 4-6 weeks old and you can see by the size of hubby's hands just how wee they were!  5lb 12 oz and 6lb 8oz they weighed when born 4 weeks early and now they are 6ft 1" and 5ft 10" and I've no idea how much they weigh!!.  I was only 24 and had been married two years. It was a special time but very exhausting to say the least as I fed them myself for the first six months. What a joy they were then and are now.  Lovely young women with so many gifts and skills and delightful personalities.  I love you my girls and I'm so glad you came into our lives! 

(my scanner isn't working and the drawer the photos were in is stuck shut so this is a photo of a photo but was the best I could do as I wanted to mark the occasion - roll on a new printer/scanner!!).

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driftwood said...

happy birthday to them both xxx

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