Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tuesday Treasures

I thought I might start a little something on a Tuesday and show some treasures that I have here each time as a way of celebrating them and the joy and meaning that they have in my life.  So you will see above a gorgeous little patchwork bag which was made for me by a very dear friend.  She is someone much older than me, a former teacher and a great crafter.  It has been one of those friendships where you just know that you have a kindred spirit with someone; so much in common on so many levels, it is just pure joy.  Margaret hand quilted this little bag for me with its jolly triangles outside and hearts inside.  I love it very much and it sits on my crafting desk upstairs in our loft bedroom to keep special cards and letters.

As I type Margaret is in hospital having some investigative surgery but is as sprightly and sparkly as ever with her knitting beside her and I hear that she may be home today or tomorrow which is great news.

Then of course there is this

a favourite magazine, this month with a special feature on working from home - how delightful.  I have been working from home now for almost a year and am just beginning to feel the need to evaluate my working space, its location in the house (dining room currently at a corner desk), and what I need around me to inspire me - more light for a start!  So this is a timely feature and one I look forward to reading over the next few days.

I hope your Tuesday has some treasure in it and that you can enjoy savouring it for a moment or two.


Tracy said...

Sweet little bag...love it! What a fun gift! I can't wait for CL to arrive in the post...I've been subscribing for years and can't live without it...LOL! Especially now in winter when any little thing lifts winter-dented spirits! I confess to a touch of the winter blues. As you saw at my place--lots of snow here. We're knee-deep in it...So trying to keep shoveled out, keep warm and keep going--LOL! Happy Tuesday, Sheila ((HUGS))

driftwood said...

ooh tuesday treasures how lovely, I think I might go for walk to the corner shop to buy CL I feel in need of some treasures today. xx
hope your friend recovers soon. xx