Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sheer Delight

This is a replica of my favourite drink - elderflower presse - which I had at Liberty in London this past week. I was in between meetings and had walked and tubed around the centre of London for a while and just needed some quietness and a time to regroup. What better place to do this than Liberty! After mouching around the haberdashery looking at heart shaped buttons, vintage ribbon, quilting books and yarn, I popped into what used to be called the art cafe (it used to be full of old paintings, oak tables and chairs and serve crumpets and rose petal jam!! but no longer as it has had a facelift and is now all modern and red and cream!! I preferred it the other way I have to say) and found that there was hardly anyone there. At this point I need to say that it is not often that I take myself off into a cafe or coffee shop to have a drink alone. Somehow this just doesn't feel comfortable most of the time but Thursday it did and I had a quiet few moments writing in my journal and sipping this equisite tasting drink which revitalised me for the coming three hours of my Thursday evening course. Served with ice, lemon and a sprig of mint in a large wine glass, it was just asking for photo to be taken but alas I did not have the camera with me so I thought I would replicate the moment and take a photo to share. Hooray for elderflowers!


driftwood said...

sounds lovely!

Simone said...

I have just 'discovered ' you via a comment you left on the vintage magpie. I like the sound of the Elderflower drink. I can't wait to try some of your recipes too, especially the raisin bars. I always enjoy baking on gloomy days like today!

The Vintage Magpie said...

Ahhh Liberty's. I remember those days! I used to work just round the corner from there in the offices for Hamleys. In my lunchtime I used to just wander round and breathe it all in!. That Elderflower drink looks divine. I often see people picking elderflowers round here, and wonder how they turn it into a gorgeous drink x