Saturday, 10 May 2008

Don't you just love the library?

We have a very good local library and I have had some delightful books from there recently as you can see. Today daughter no.4 and I went in and found some other treasures, for me it was a recent Kaffe Fassett quilt book called Quilts in the Sun. The pictures, as in all his books, are sumptuous in colour and design like these:

Very inspirational!
Well we have some really good news in the family and that is that daughter no.4 has got in to her preferred University for Menswear Fashion Design! We are all thrilled and today we were out having a celebration lunch just the two of us. I think we will have an all family celebration later in the month when we can get all four girls together. She worked SO hard for this and really deserves to do well. So my baby will fly the nest in September!! Athough it is only in London, she still wants to live away and in fact I think that will be a good thing for her to do but I will miss her company and dry sense of humour and indeed her incredible desire for tidiness!
Meanwhile I wanted to post some photos of the altered book I made for her which she did open when she got the result! (some 2.5 weeks after I gave it to her!!)
This the front of the book, stamped and embellished and gold leafed around the edge.

Inside the front cover, more stamping and quotes etc
Inside the book is a cut out 'treasure chest' of special inspirational quotes and 'things'

And the back looks like this.
It was a fun project to do and I would love to do more. Messing around with gel medium and gesso and cutting into an actual book were all new for me but the result was pleasing and most importantly it conveyed to daugher no.4 just how much I love her and want to encourage her in her pursuit of art and design.
So what else might there have been going on this week?

Some work on the first ever sock! I am actually enjoying this very much even if there are challenges from time to time in seeing whether you are doing in the right direction or not!

Another little quilt project made with some squares I had given to me for my birthday this year. I love the fabric.
Well there are many other things of course but I shall leave these to another post - something about growing and the garden I think! Hope you are having a good weekend!

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driftwood said...

congrats to your daughter! the book you made her is delightful!