Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Sweeping the leaves

So it has to be done! This is how I spent some of my time last Friday and now nearly a week later it is almost just as much covered again.

But how beautiful Autumn has been this year! We went away with our church for the weekend down to Battle, near Hastings and the colours were very special.

Hmmm still not entirely sure how posting more than one photo works on these blogs. I am sure there is an easier way. I have all sorts of ideas of what I am going to say and the photos that will work with it but somehow getting the camera connected up to the computer and then downloading and finding the photos, not to mention trying to load them on here in the right order, seems to be putting me off! I am sure all you regular bloggers have a secret way of doing it that is really easy and I would love to know how so do leave a comment and let me know! I the meantime enjoy the colours and these wonderful blue skies and bright sunshine days. I think tomorrow the weather is turning for most of the UK and it will be more like it is supposed to be in November! Hey ho.

Last week I was picking the last (I guess!) of my raspberries! Can you believe it? This was my first year of growing fruit and they are absolutely delicious.

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driftwood said...

hi, can't say I'm a blog expert, or a photo expert but it seems to be all about how you set up the page from which you import the photos, I always choose the no format style as you seem to be able to move/swap the order about easier.
love the tote bags.

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