Monday, 12 March 2012

Desire to Inspire Inspiration deck swap

I am finding that small challenges really help to push me in my exploration of art and mixed media techniques and allow me to experiment and have a lot of fun.  So I was overjoyed to find this swap going on at Jessica's blog - In search of Dessert.  It was  question of finding a pack of playing cards (not difficult as I discovered I had at least two sets in a junk drawer!) and then decorating each one and adding a quote.  This was right up my street so although the deadline was around the time I was in the throes of flu, I kept going.  Here is a peek at the pack I sent off to Jessica.  She will mix them all up and send us each a pack of our own - how fun that will be!!  Thank you Jessica.

I gessoed all the cards first and then painted some with acrylic paint, some with ink, covered some with paper, spray painted some and so on...

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