Monday, 2 January 2012

Creative every day!

Where did December go?  I hardly managed to post anything here but maybe that's because I was busy, busy, being creative for the season?  The truth is I was in part but also busy with the day job and preparing the house for guests to stay.  We had all four daughters home for Christmas which was great and also my mother-in-law and her friend so we were 9 for most of the time!!  Here is a look at some little creative things I made for others.  First up were some Multigrain no knead bread mixes from one of my favourite cooking sites Our Best Bites

Here they are all ready to go to good homes with the recipe tucked into a nice envelope, decorated appropriately!

Then for my CPS UK (Cloth, Paper, Scissors) group I made a crocheted snowflake and wrapped it in white tissue and added a red crochet flower to the outside.

Next up were some felted pictures from scratch, which incidentally didn't stay in these frames!

And finally, some Duct Tape Journals for another group of ladies I meet with every month!

I hope that wherever you are, you have had a peaceful Christmas and that 2012 will be a special year for you.  I certainly am hoping to be more regular on this blog in 2012!!

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