Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Home Alone with slate!

Last weekend I found some pieces of slate in the garden - left over from an old fishtank we gave away which was no longer needed.  There were some nice big pieces and some smaller ones too.  As I saw them I had this thought about how fun it would be to paint them and so..... that is what I did....

this was the first one I had the inspiration for - the quote is a special one for hubby and I

this one is in progress and will probably have some words on it like "because she chooses to see the world in bright bold colours"

this one is destined to have the quote from the Little Prince "It is with the heart that one sees rightly, for what is essential is invisible to the eye" - love it!

here is my trusty companion who insisted on being right by my side on the floor with all the mess!
we are alone this week as hubby is away working!

This one takes the quote from Mary Anne Radmacher (whose name will appear at the bottom on black)
I love all her quotes and words and writing.  I'm reading her book "Live with Intention" just now and it is terrific.

and this one I had no idea about until I picked the palette of colours and then just started to paint.  I do like what emerged.
I still have a couple of pieces left so I'll see where the inspiration takes me....... and let you see the result.


Georgia said...

Mary anne is great isn't she? Her interviews or rather conversations with Steve Maraboli are lovely. beautiful art work :) You are very creative. I enjoy your blog.

driftwood said...

what fun!