Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A delighted Fluff-a-tier!

I had such a fun day recently at the Fluff-a-torium learning how to wet felt a picture and then add some needle punching for added effect.  I haven't done any wet felting for a while and it was great to get back into the swing, to choose from all the deliciously coloured wool tops and to come up with a design from nowhere and give it a go.  I chose to do a picture which included my 'word for the year' which is delight.  As you can see it became quite a flower affair!  Gill is a great teacher and provided great music for us to 'felt' by like The Gaton Project and the Kings of Convenience amongst many others.  Such a happy day. Thank you so much Gill!

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Tracy said...

sooo PRETTY, Sheila! Felting is such fun... Been a long time since I did any though, especially this wet felting kind. Must pick that up again. ;o) So glad you shared this with us... I'm inspired! Happy Week ((HUGS))