Monday, 17 January 2011

Best Shot Monday - everything x four!

When you have four children, or in my case, four daughters, you soon learn the importance of fairness in the family so rather than buying one of anything you end up buying four, ideally four slightly different things so there is a measure of individuality.  So it is with making things for the girls and this Christmas I decided it was time to make the recipe files I had been talking about for the last few years and they had been asking for for the last few years!!  It wasn't just one recipe file though it had to be four and they had to be different (but in some ways the same!!).  And so the above were created just before Christmas using ordinary black binders with two binder rings inside and fabric and batting to make it tactile and cosy to the touch with a few little embellishments and the trademark different names they tend to call me.  All in all, I was pleased with them and the beauty of ring binders is they can be added to (the recipes are all in punched pockets) when new family recipes are created.  Of course if you are in Dubai or Paris then you probably don't want them much at the moment but they will always be here for when you do!!  I miss you all, you wonderful young women!


driftwood said...

oh what a wonderful mum you are! and I love that they all have special names for you xxxx

Tracy said...

4 blessed you are, Sheila! And how lucky they are to get your recipes! I've been trying to coax my Mom into making me up a notebook of her recipes. ;o) Your recipe books are VERY pretty! Happy Day ((HUGS))

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