Monday, 8 November 2010

Best Shot Monday - Departures

While this cannot be construed as a 'best photo' it is nonetheless where things are at today!  For at 4am we got up to take daughter no.1 to the airport for a new job opportunity in Dubai!! It's been a tough couple of years for her workwise with the recession (the media has cut back drastically) but this is an amazing opportunity.  Another goodbye and another daughter overseas (that makes 3 of them now!) has left me feeling somewhat emotional but this is a great opportunity and one I hope turns out to be truly fabulous in every way.  And she'll be back for Christmas need to get too emotional.... although you just can't help being a mother can you?

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Tracy said...

That looks like Heathrow! My fave airport... if one can have a fave air port...haha... Hoping very much your daughter will enjoy her time Dubai... very exciting. Christmas isn't too far way...;o) Happy Days, Sheila ((HUGS))

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