Friday, 15 October 2010

Seven Things I am enjoying just now

Tess at the lovely Driftwood nominated me over a week ago now to list 7 things about myself so after what can only be described as a very emotional week here are some things that I am really enjoying:

Enjoying the colours of leaves so much just now and pressing a few in a very old flower press!

A new project on the go in some very different 'yarn' which will make its debut as a scarf hopefully as a Christmas gift.

Loving the colours of this blanket I have started working to the lovely Lucy's pattern

These beautiful blooms keep on greeting me each morning even in October.  There are regularly 10 or 12 gorgeous flowers open in the conservatory - yes they climbed on in and made themselves at home through a tiny open window!

Ahhhh, isn't he adorable!  A super picture taken by my lovely son-in-law when he and daughter no.3 were over for the weekend recently.  Can it really be a year since they got married at the end of this month?!!!

We took a lovely visit to The Hop Shop where all things lavender can be bought.  It's a tiny farm shop (Lavender and hop farm with an apple orchard too) and I bought some lavender essence and just had to make some lavender and honey bread when I got home!

Another project with some really gorgeous yarn (the picture doesn't do it justice here) for someone who is quite special.
So there we have it - 7 very enjoyable things - I'm feeling better already!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are lovely! And i love all your projects. And i also loved the card you sent me for gift of jewels! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you....been super busy. Oops! Hope you are well!

driftwood said...

those are 7 very lovely things.
take care xxx

Tracy said...

LOTS of great happenings there, Sheila--and I love how multi-talented you are! Thanks for sharing. :o) Hope all is well there... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))