Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Joint Quilt!

I've been busy and away for a few days in meetings but just wanted to 'show and tell' about the quilt my friend in Canada and I have been making together over the years.  It all started with a visit to Toronto to see my very good friend whom I have known since I was 20!  Peggy is a great quilter as was her mother and grandmother before her.  I have learnt a lot from her and we decided on that visit that we would do a quilt together.  Peggy found some 12 inch pattern kits and the idea was that we would each make these up and then choose more fabric in different colours, choosing different patterns to form more 12 inch squares.  My colours were red and purple (we agreed we needed to add off-white to each as the pattern kits (in green) each had some white) and I got the fabric on another visit to Canada some years later.  As you can see this has been quite a saga!  Anyhow I finally got to grips with choosing patterns and then cutting out and then finally sewing until - woo hoo I have finished mine!

In the picture you can see the three green ones which were already cut as part of a kit, then the two red and two purple patterns and fabric that I chose and made up.  There is also a blue one which is the only one Peggy has completed as yet although she is away this week on holiday with her sewing machine trying to finish the others!!!  It might not look like much hard work but remember we are each making double so that we have a duplicate set to send to one another.  We will then have an identical quilt which we can choose to border, back and bind in our individual way and then choose how to quilt it.  It's a great idea and has kept us in laughter and conversations about patterns and fabric over many years.  So watch this space for how the project develops!  By the way, I have decided I really do not like sewing triangles!!!!

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