Monday, 3 May 2010

Soooo busy but...

I have been dying to get to this challenge since Michelle posted it but real life has taken over somewhat especially with being away for some of the time and now looking after the lovely daughter no.2 while she recovers as well as work and other necessary things.  Anyhow, yesterday was my first opportunity!  Hooray, an afternoon to myself up in the craft area with all the necessary supplies.  This challenge called for plexiglass - boy did I have trouble finding this here in the UK!  I went to art shops and was told to go to architecture specialists, I went to hardware stores and was told to go to building supply shops but in the end I used a piece of perspex (possibly the same thing but a different name? who knows?) from a photo frame and it did the trick.

Firstly it was a question of brushing paint onto the perspex and then placing a piece of card over and seeing what transpired but, as Michelle said, it was in the second or even third printing (using a stencil and spraying water on the paint) that the really interesting and exciting images emerged.  I got so carried away that I didn't remember to clean the perspex so ended up turning it over!!!  Here are some of the results:

As you can see I made a couple of stencils (from acetate; Michelle suggested tyvek but I didn't know what that was so made a guess!) - three hearts in the end and one sort of tree affair which I didn't like and stopped using after the second attempt.

This was a beautiful image on the perspex itself which went all spidery and centipede like - truly amazing and I have now idea how it did this!

As you can see I used a range of colours and had a great deal of fun!  Daughter no.1 took a look this evening and said "Mum, should you make this into a book, why not sew it together" which I thought was a great idea so that is what I am going to do!  And I will be sure to show the finished result.
Thank you again, Michelle, for taking me out of my comfort zone into new territory and for giving me a really fun afternoon!
This morning, hubby came in with a much larger piece of perspex and said would I like it for to do the same again another time only much larger - would I?  Whoo hooo! Now that might be an outdoor job when the weather is fine and using lots more paint but how exciting to see what results I might get.  I need to perfect the art of cutting stencils but why not think what else I could use?  The mind is whirring!


michelle ward said...

Sheila - thanks for coming to play, regardless of the timing. So glad you were able to find some *you* time. Looks like you had a blast. Too funny that plexi has another name in the UK (didn't anticipate that). You got some great prints here. Love hearing your enthusiasm for continuing the process. Bravo!!

Tracy said...

These are so lovely, Sheila! Glad you've found time between all the busy. Crazy-busy days here just now too before we leave for a trip early next week. Thought I'd pop by to say hi... Talk to you soon. :o) ((HUGS))

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