Wednesday, 21 April 2010

She's ok!

Last week was quite a week!  And it didn't help that we were away from home at a conference!  However all is well.  Daughter no.2's foot got a lot worse as did her general health and the drs decided that she needed to be flown home to the UK for an operation.  However the flight was scheduled for the day of the ash cloud so despite her bag being packed, she could not come.  Things deteriorated rapidly and she was whipped into theatre for the operation there and then and is now recovering well.  She is being flown home hopefully on Monday where she will recuperate for a while!!  Can't wait to have her back and to give her some much needed TLC.

I have never sent so many texts in my life!  It is the best way to communicate with folk in Uganda so despite the fact that I could only stand in one tiny corner of our accommodation in order to get reception (remember it was north west Wales we were in!) I managed to keep in touch with the lovely daughter no.2 and also with the organisation she is with.

So normal service will resume very soon now and because I had two long journeys (7 hours each way) I have one or two things to show for it!! A bientot!


driftwood said...

so glad she's recovering, it will be lovely for you to have her home, and taking care of her.

Tracy said...

Oh, Sheila! I am so happy for you all! What a worry... I'd been wondering how things were going. Very relieved that you daughter did get treatment she needed and is now on the road to recovery. And that she will be home with you soon--hooray! Hope the volcano situation won't hinder her homecoming much more. :o) Thinking of you all... ((HUGS))

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