Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Some just know how to relax
and look very cute

Unfortunately his sister Molly has been missing for 3 weeks and we fear has been taken by the local foxes!! Despite flyers to neighbouring houses (she is microchipped and has a collar with our address on) she has not been seen since she disappeared on 28th May.  
Max is coping and in fact he is a different cat!  He seems to prefer being the only animal to be loved round here!   He has been with me all morning here in my office, asleep on the patchwork quilt covered couch!

Don't you wish sometimes you were a cat?


driftwood said...

he looks very content, but poor Molly oxox

Tracy said...

He looks sooo much like our Charlie! :o) What a sweetie... I often say, in then next life I want to come back as a cat in a very loving and comfortable home--LOL! Happy Summer Days, Sheila :o) ((HUGS))