Thursday, 4 December 2008

Craft crazy

Well, there is fabric in the living room and in the dining room and in the bedroom!  There is wool in the living room and in the bedroom.  There are half finished projects in the living room and the bedroom.  There are some projects finished, packed up and posted!  I've been a busy bee not only with the day job but with other exciting things like:
This is a special package for my penfriend in France who I met up with again this year.  There are some handmade earrings (alas, not by me!) made by Circle and Dash.
These are made with handmade paper and are gorgeous - sorry I didn't take a picture before I wrapped them but if you go on the website you can see the range and they change them each season too.

Then there was the package I posted for my friend in New Jersey USA, containing (amongst other lovely things) this:

I have really enjoyed making these Sarabooks.  It is such a shame that they are now discontinued by Paperwishes.
In addition to this I have been making bags:

This was actually a pillowcase (I think handmade in fact which I picked up in a charity shop) and then this:

which I am particularly pleased with.  It is using a pattern out of Sew Pretty Homestyle although I found the pattern extremely hard to decipher and ended up doing my own thing.  I would be really interested if anyone has tried this and if so, how they found the instructions.  The little crocheted flower was fun to do and I hope to do more of these for other gifts.  Last but not least here are the finished handwarmers:

They are very soft with the added interest of Possum fur!!!  I shall put the link in here tomorrow for the supplier as it is upstairs and I need to get this finished before I turn into a pumpkin and the clock strikes midnight!!!  But there is just enough time to show you another little project that has begun!

Well I do like variety!  So there has been a little crochet, a little knitting,  a little sewing, a little quilting (more of that soon), a little papercraft you see.  So despite my tardiness at blogging you now know that I have been busy here in my nook in South East London and I am enjoying it immensely!

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driftwood said...

wow, you have been busy. I have sew pretty homestyle, and whilst I like the pictures all the instructions are a bit baffling to me....