Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The gift of mothering

(handpainted teapot - a gift from daughter no.1)

On Sunday here in the UK we celebrated Mother's day - a day to be remembered by our children and made to feel special.  I certainly did feel special when the day began with a cup of tea brought up to the bedroom by daughter no.1.  It brought back so many memories of when the girls were little and would sneak downstairs and prepare a tray with flowers, tea and maybe some cereal with a special napkin and traycloth, complete with handmade cards and gifts. Being a mother has been such a joy for me.  As an only child, I always seemed to be surrounded by grown ups and there was never anyone to play with so I often got very lost in my own imagination with my dolls and teddies etc.  Having children has meant having others to 'play' with and from very young the girls and I would play all sorts of games and do all sorts of crafty activities together; putting on plays at Christmas and cooking special food at holiday times.

(painted inside with hearts too!)

Now they are grown women themselves and I love the way they each relate to me differently - even different names for me; daughter no 1 calls me Mum, daughter no.2 calls me Ma, daughter no. 3 calls me Marmee (from Little Women) and daughter no.4 calls me Mama and each are their own very different personality and I love them all so very much.

Sunday carried on being very special with daughter no.3 and her husband arriving for lunch which was prepared by the girls and then I was the recipient of some lovely gifts - books and a dvd.  I didn't have to lift a finger all day and the kitchen had a spring clean too!!  Thank you so much my wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

I love the way your daughters have different names for you.l also have four children - two boys and two girls, and when I think about it they call me different names too. Ma is one, mumma, mama, motherino, [don't know where that came from and is used only by the girls who become daughterino by return!]mum, mummy, mummeeeeeeee [when they want something]....Mine are nearly all grown and flown and we have a grandson too, to whom I am granny. Am enjoying discovering your blog. Liz

Tracy said...

Such wonderful, thoughtful gifts your your girls, Sheila! So glad you were spoiled and cherished this past Mothering Sunday" :o) Oh, must thank you for the anniversary wishes for hubby & I--so sweet of you! ((BIG HUGS))

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