Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Crafting Heaven!

Last Saturday I had a day all to myself - a rare occurrence - and had earmarked it as a crafting day! So I was up early and a number of things I wanted to accomplish mainly in the sewing realm. Now unfortunately I cannot post these on the blog just yet as they are to be gifts for family members and you never know who might just pop in to have a look but let's just say progress was made! As it is a question of making 6 of these items I will need a little longer to complete! My back and nearly every part was aching when I finally decided to call it a day up in the bedroom where the sewing machine sits. I was up and down on the floor cutting and pressing, laying out and pinning so after that it was time for a sit down and some knitting. I finished this:

This was a fun project which I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show from The Knitting Hut

which comes as a pack of different types of yarn all sorted according to colour with a free pattern for a scarf or the shrug. It certainly kept me busy recently on a 6.5 hour journey back from Wales which should have only taken 3.5 hours!

A couple of other projects which have been cast on these will be fingerless gloves eventually and so will these but in crochet

This post has taken me soooooo long to do because of technical clitches either with blogger or with my new system - there are times I could throw it all out the window!!! In between making supper and answering the telephone I have been trying to upload these photos - how long can it take and what is it with Firefox!!! What system and computer do you use that works really well? There is lots more I could say about my craft heaven Saturday but I just cannot face the hassle with the system as it is so I am off to the living room to do some serious knitting and crochet and to de-stress from it all!

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driftwood said...

oh I love all your creations, hope the computer stresses are sorted out soon. xx