Friday, 30 September 2011

GPP Street Team Crusade no.55

Here was another fun challenge set by Michelle Ward and here I am snucking in at the last minute!  Well I have hardly had a minute to do art with all the comings and goings here but a little bit of time on my own tonight has made it all possible.  I started with some cardstock and a starfish stamp.

Then I chose my colours - my favourite teal and a lovely sunshiney yellow - can you believe we have been having temperatures of 29 degrees (87 F) here in London this week?!!  Hotter than it has been for 100 years and hotter than Mexico apparently!!

So a variety of printing takes place, teal on teal, yellow on teal

yellow and teal make green!

At this point I got a bit bored and decided to add a raspberry to the proceedings!

 And I liked it a lot!
And you can really see the texture of the stamp here

A fun and speedy challenge and a great way to get back into art-making.  Thank you again Michelle - you are amazing!


goudenregen said...

Here in the Netherlands we also have the hottest sunday in October since years. No weather to paint (dries too quickly), but your pages are awesome. Love all the experimenting.

Tracy said...

Very FUN... very playful too! Much as I'm an orderly type of crafter, I do like to get down and messy with paints & such! ;o) haha... Happy Day, Sheila ((HUGS))

jgr said...

Beautiful work! I love the starfish stamp and oohh your colors are gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration. p.s. I hope you're staying cool, the low here this morning was 46˚ F. Fall is here!

Michelle said...

Love that you added red when you got bored! Love the stamp you used.

Barbara Marie said...

What a fun process! The stamp provides energy and the bold colors were great... nice effect in the bottom photo.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found some time to experiment - that red looks great. Hope the record temps don't continue; you poor things!

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