Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why you don't want to be here today!

Amidst my many other activitites, I am now donning my hard hat, Kevin McCloud style, and project managing a rebuild to the extended back of our house which was damp and falling apart.  Today the builders came and demolished the existing extension built before we bought the house over 20 years ago now and they have begun digging up the concrete patio.  Max and I camped out in the living room for most of the time, popping out from time to time to see the progress, make tea and then scurry back inside despite the fact that it was bright sunshine and 16 degrees here!  Much more disruption to come when the builders come inside to knock down a wall or two.  And from now for about 3 months or so I do not have a washing machine!! Inconveniences that we notice here in the 2/3 world but for some this kind of noise and disruption is a daily occurrence.  I am not complaining - not yet!

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